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Satisfy all of your sweet cravings the right way in one healthy bite with these raw cacao dates stuffed with almond coconut butter and topped with raw cacao nibs.

No baking needed and takes about 10 minutes to prep. Perfection!

 Raw Cacao Dates with Almond Coconut Butter



      1. Start off by removing the stones from your dates. To do this make a slit in the top and pull open to expose the pit and remove, be careful to not slit your hand so be gentle!
      2. Mix together well your melted coconut oil with the runny almond butter
      3. Fill your dates with the almond coconut butter mixture using a small spoon, it will get messy but it's a good messy! Pop in the fridge to firm up a little
      4. Meanwhile, get your raw cacao coating started. In a small saucepan melt down the raw cacao butter then stir in the raw cacao powder, salt and chosen sweetener. Do this over a low flame and do not leave it unattended at any time. It should come out runny but this is fine as it firms up in the fridge. Taste for desired sweetness
      5. Now bring out your dates from the fridge and liberally coat your dates in the raw cacao mixture. Top with raw cacao nibs for extra crunch. Pop back in the fridge for another 5-10 minutes and enjoy! Decorate with edible flowers at this stage if you like.

        Enjoy xx

         Raw Cacao Dates with Almond Coconut Butter

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