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Our Mission

Unsurprisingly, we're a bit cacao crazy here at Elements for Life. Ever since we discovered raw chocolate, we've been smitten!

Not just for it's amazing flavours, and the health benefits, but also by the sheer joy it brings, inside and out.

We're dedicated to exploring this ancient and long maligned food. As we continue to explore the food of the gods we never cease to be astounded by the depths of connection and wonder that cacao can bring.

We only use the finest ingredients that have been grown and produced to high ecological standards and are agro-chemical/pesticide free, many certified organic.

Where possible, we source from small scale growers and farmers co-operatives to ensure our ingredients are fairly traded, even if not certified fair trade.

As far as possible, all our packaging is either made from recycled material or re-used from other sources.

It's our belief that a business can be successful while working in harmony with people and planet. Part of our mission is to be that change!

Chocolate is associated with the heart and love. Connection to heart flows through everything we do.

The way we find and work with suppliers, the care and attention that goes into the raw chocolate products we make, and love we put into our chocolate making workshops and spirit we connect with in cacao ceremonies.

Elements for Life truly is made with love!

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Recognising our intimate connection and debt to nature, we have partnered with TreeSisters - Women Seeding Change.

A non-profit organisation aiming to radically accelerate tropical reforestation by engaging the unique feminine consciousness, gifts and leadership of women everywhere.

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