Ethics & The Environment

At Elements for Life we are committed to continually lessening our impact on the environment and operating in harmony with our surroundings. We have taken great care and effort when choosing our suppliers and partners that we work with and made those decisions based on our own strong ethical principles.

Our Ingredients

We only use high quality ingredients that have been grown and produced to high ecological standards and are agro-chemical/pesticide free, many certified organic.

Where possible we source from small scale growers and farmers co-operatives to ensure our ingredients are fairly traded, even if not certified fair trade.

Our Packaging

As far as possible, all our packaging is either made from recycled material or re-used from other sources. This includes our boxes and printed material.

The cellophane bags in our chocolate making kit and used for Yummy Scrummy, ChocOmega and raw hot chocolates are fully degradeable.

The bubble wrap we use is either re-used from incoming deliveries we receive, or made from fully degradable plastic.

Around The Office

We use recycled paper for most of our office needs and use recycled printer toners. When needing to print promotional material, we generally use who have great eco credentials.

We recycle waste as far as possible and composte organic waste.

We reduce our consumption of resources by using online communication as often as possible, such as electronic invoices and online banking.

Only use chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning products and fully degradable plastic bags.

We know there's more that can be done and we are continually striving to improve the way we run the business.

We see no reason why a business can't be successful and work in harmony with people and planet. It's our mission to help show that to be the case!