Make Raw Chocolate

Everything you need to make delicious nutritious raw vegan chocolate at home.

We only source the very best premium quality ingredients and supplies.

Our Peruvian criollo raw cacao has a fantastic flavour and is of impeccable quality. Available as cacao powder, cacao butter and cacao nibs and perfect for making your own healthy raw chocolate goodies at home.

You won't want to miss our beautiful, heart-opening Virign Ceremonial Cacao and Serendipity Ceremonial Cacao for making your own ceremonial cacao drinks at home.

We also stock a fun range of silicone chocolate moulds, including our ever-popular chunky snap bar mould, interesting natural sweeteners and essential oils to complement your chocolate creations.

Not sure where to start? Dive in with our raw chocolate making starter kit, which includes everything you need to make your own raw chocolates in a fabulous gift box.

Fancy joining us at Woolley Wonkaland for a hands-on Raw Chocolate Workshop?

Whatever you're looking to make with raw chocolate, we've got you covered!