Don't go naked, go raw

When we decide to change our diets often our favourite food is the first thing on our minds and the hardest to give up.

I was a dedicated dark chocolate scoffer and even convinced myself that a bar of Green and Blacks or Lindt a day with a healthy top up of dark chocolate digestives was good for me.

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Making raw chocolate is child's play

Its amazing how many people think that making chocolate is difficult, and there's no mistaking it can be, especially if you start tempering and doing fancy things. When it comes down to it, making raw chocolate is easy, dead easy.

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making raw chocolate

To temper or not to temper, that is the question

When making conventional chocolate, it is usual to carry out a process called tempering. This is essentially a process of heating then cooling your liquid chocolate, which changes the structure and properties of the finished product.

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