journaling with cacao scene

5 Simple Cacao Rituals to Weave More Presence, Purpose and Magic into Your Day

From mindful sipping to soulful journaling, these simple cacao rituals offer something for every intention and occasion.

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ceremonial cacao and heart

Building a Relationship with Cacao: A Path to Heart-Centred Living

When most people think of cacao, they might picture a delicious chocolate bar or a cosy cup of hot cocoa. For those who have experienced the profound spiritual effects of this ancient plant medicine, cacao is so much more than a tasty treat.

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ceremonial cacao goblet

What Is a Ceremonial Dose Of Cacao?

A topic of conversation that regularly crops up is what is a ceremonial dose when working with cacao. This may be controversial, but to my mind, there is no ceremonial dose! Let me explain why.

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