Making raw chocolate is child's play

March 11, 2016 0 Comments

Its amazing how many people think that making chocolate is difficult, and there's no mistaking it can be, especially if you start tempering and doing fancy things. But in all honesty, there's really no need and that's one of the reasons we came up with our raw chocolate making kit. When it comes down to it, making raw chocolate is easy, dead easy.

cheeky grinBut don't just have to take our word for it, we've had some lovely comments and feedback from our customers, including several great blog posts.

Raw chocolate making kit review with Xan courtesy of Supportive Business Mums

A chocolate-tastic day! with Aliya and Austin at Starstruck Designs

My weekend in chocolate heaven over at Bangers and Mash

It really is easy peasy to make your own raw chocolates. As you can see from those blogs, the kiddies have a great time and in about 30 mins and they're in the fridge, then you just need to be patient while they set.... but of course you do get to lick the bowl out, well if the kids let you that is. 

Some people call raw chocolate grownup chocolate, but from the reactions we often see, the little 'uns can be really receptive to the pure tastes of raw chocolate.

handwritten note

Aliya sums it up beautifully with her hand-written note she wrote just after her first taste of raw chocolate!

Bright Little Sparks

Kids have some great ideas and it holds true when it comes to making raw chocolates. We've seen bits of white chocolate buttons added and even some sparkly confectioners glitter.

What fun have you had with your little ones and what gastronomic creations have they come up with?

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