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One of our lovely customers and good friends, Bridie Nelson has written a poem just for us, so its only right that we share it with you.

raw chocolate bliss poem


Brown velvety richness
Teases my taste buds
Trickles of delight
Leave me wanting so much more
Oozing with warm wickedness
It’s positively sinful
Just one taste
I’m in pure chocolate heaven
Lusciousness soothing
Mind, body and soul
With each tiny taste
And every little mouthful
I’m wanting
Eagerly waiting
The next moment
My next fix
Of raw chocolate bliss

©Bridie Nelson 2013 All Rights Reserved

Bridie was born in the Vale of Evesham and has lived and worked in many parts of the UK. She currently lives in Hampshire drawing inspiration for her writing from village life and the beautiful countryside surrounding her home. A percentage of profits from the sale of Bridie's work goes towards her ‘million pound mission’ a goal to raise one million pounds for charity within her lifetime.

If you'd like to connect with Bridie please visit her Facebook page www.facebook.com/thefundraisingpoet or visit her website www.bridienelson.com

Want To Experience Bliss?

If you're new to raw chocolate bliss, then grab a raw chocolate starter kit, for everything you could want to make your own guilt-free indulgent raw chocolate.

raw chocolate kit

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