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Being green is simply something we've always done

A few weeks ago we received confirmation of being awarded the title of Plastic Free Champion as part of the Plastic Free Communities campaign by Surfers Against Sewage.

The award recognises companies that have made a significant contribution to reducing single-use plastic pollution in the oceans and the impact this has on marine life.

With over 10 years of experience producing high-quality raw vegan chocolates, we have become well known for our delicious flavours and now we're are being recognised for their environmental contributions, too.

A great way to celebrate Plastic-Free July.

we're plastic-free champions

A Long History Of Being Green

Since we first started Elements for Life at home back in 2010, we've always strived to minimise our impact on this beautiful world we call home.

When we filled out the #plasticfreecommunities application on www.plasticfree.org.uk we actually struggled to fill it out.

You see it was asking what steps would we take, what simple switches would we do to reduce our use of plastic.

Our answer was pretty much nothing!

Not because we didn't care, rather because we'd already made those switches they suggested. Most of them long ago before they became the done thing.

Something we've probably not shouted about this as much as we could have.

For our packaging, we use biodegradable and compostable options where possible, such as biodegradable pouches from Jamo Solutions.

We've been buying eco cleaning products in bulk and refilling bottles ourselves for years.

We don't usually use single use takeout cups or cutlery, and on the rare occasion we've needed them, they have always been fully compostable.

Its great to see these things becoming more in the public eye and we can see such a change in people's buying habits.

Its also been notable how many more people comment on the biodegradable pouches our raw cacao ingredients are packaged in.

We're now almost completely plastic-free and gaining this recognition only inspires us to do more

Elements for Life is built around helping people connect with themselves through cacao, so it really makes sense for us to lead the way in reducing our own impact on the planet.

Dan & Hectic serving up soup for Surfers Against Sewage

Dan was a long time member of Surfers Against Sewage when at university.

The photo above, probably from 1999 or 2000, is Dan and his mate Hectic serving up soup and raising funds and awareness of Surfers Against Sewage.

Many a time he was doing some campaigning with or fundraising for them.

Oh the fond memories of the inflatable turd outside the houses of parliament!

It Doesn't End With Plastic!

As well as being almost completely plastic-free, we take every opportunity to do the right thing from the perspective of people and planet.

Our chocolate ingredients are ethically sourced, fairly traded and adhere to high ecological standards.

The printer toners and cartridges we buy are remanufactured and much of the printing we get done outside is from eco printing company A Local Printer.

We reuse pretty much every bit of incoming packaging for sending out our raw chocolate goodies to our valued customers.

And if that wasn't enough, since January 2021 we have a campaign to Plant 10000 Trees by 2025. We plant a tree for every order placed, as well as making other regular tree planting boosts, through a partnership with TreeSisters.

help us plant 10000 trees

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