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Recently I was interviewed on Blab by Steven Healey on behalf of the Wiltshire Business Club. We chatted for about half an hour about all things Elements for Life, raw chocolate and building a business. During the conversation, we talked about how Paula and I got in to raw chocolate and decided to start a business from our passion.

If you've 30 mins or so, why not grab a cuppa, have a watch and glean an insight in to the wacky world of Woolley Wonkaland!

Raw Chocolate Lover Club News

Speaking of being a raw chocolate lover, since we launched this new website last month, I've been busy working to add new features. And I'm delighted to announce that today sees the launch of a great new addition to the Raw Chocolate Lover Club and the website as a whole.

Raw Chocolate Rewards

You can now earn virtual cacao pods for a variety of actions you take on and related to our site. You can then redeem those cacao pods for discounts on our award winning raw chocolate goodies and in fact anything from our range.

Its currently possible to earn pods through the following:

  • Register an account on our site
  • Share us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Refer a friend
  • Writing product reviews
  • Everytime you buy something through our website

Its dead easy to get started. You might have noticed the red tab on the right side of the page (it'll be at the bottom if you view our site on a mobile), handily labelled Raw Chocolate Rewards. Just click that and away you go.

Read all about the new Raw Chocolate Rewards

Loads of Benefits

Don't forget, that if you sign up as a member of the Raw Chocolate Lover Club, you are automatically entered in to our monthly prize draw to win a raw chocolate making kit. Plus you get exclusive special offers, raw chocolate recipes, Elements for Life news and random surprises.

Signing up is easy using the form below:


raw chocolate lover club logo

Keep Spreading the Raw Chocolate Love!

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