Thank you treating yourself to a raw chocolate kit

So you've bought the raw chocolate starter kit as a gift for you. Good on you, we all need treating special.

We just know you're gonna love the raw chocolates you make with it.

raw chocolate starter kit

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Missing the kit insert?

Despite their best efforts, the cacao faeries sometimes forget to put an insert int he box. Well, we think it's a mistake, perhaps they're just being mischievous. Either way, you can download it by clicking the big red button below.

Download the Insert Here

No-fail raw chocolate recipe

We spent ages perfecting a super simple raw chocolate recipe that is perfect for beginners. So much so, we've called it the no-fail raw chocolate recipe, because it really is that easy. The recipe is included in the insert that comes with every kit (unless yours is missing that is).

If you like following recipes with step by step instructions and images, then

Visit the no-fail raw chocolate recipe

We've even created a short 1 minute video to show you just how easy it is to do.