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Why we're buzzing about our raw honey

Consider for a moment the humble bee. What comes to mind? A creature that stings but not quite as scary as a wasp or something that makes honey?

I read recently that according to British Beekeepers Association that one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination at a time when a crisis is threatening the world's honey bees.

Coeliac Awareness Week 2014

gluten-free guarantee

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease (pronounced see-liac) is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. When someone with coeliac disease eats gluten, their immune system responds and damages the lining of the small intestine.

Symptoms include bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, wind, constipation, tiredness, headaches, sudden or unexpected weight loss (but not in all cases), hair loss and anaemia.

Moving in to Woolley Wonkaland

After months of building work, decorating, blood, sweat and tears, it's happening. A long last we're re-locating to our new home, Woolley Wonkaland!

Elements for Life is now resident in Woolley Green, Bradford on Avon. This weekend has seen us moving loads of the stuff that is the business, out of our home and in to our custom premises. A place of our own and somewhere for the next phase to unfold.

I've never managed a project quite like this before, and it's certainly been a great learning experience. From practical skills I never knew I had, to shining the light on a couple of interesting personal traits, it's been another amazing step along my own personal raw chocolate adventure.

Valentine's Weekend Sale

I don't know if it's a case that we've been hibernating, got carried away with all the soggy wet weather or just caught up working to build Woolley Wonkaland, but somehow Valentines this year has sort of slipped us by!

We did have some plans, including making some special limited edition raw love cakes. But they never quite seemed to get made and no-one really knew about them. Ooops!

You'll have to satisfy yourself by looking at the pretty picture of what we did have in mind to create and if you really want one, drop us a line and we can do a special order for you.

valentines raw love heart

New year wishes and a January Sale!

We're back open for business again today after a well deserved 2 week break, and boy did we need it!

The pre-Christmas silly season lived up to its name and was manic for us, with more people than every getting to enjoy the delights of raw chocolate then ever before. So if you're reading this and you were one of the hundreds of folks to be given a raw chocolate making kit as a gift, we sincerely hoped you enjoyed making your very own tasty healthy raw chocolates. Don't forget to use your discount code that was inside the kit when you order some more supplies.

Update on Woolley Wonkaland

As you may be aware, we're in the process of setting up our first proper premises, which has been suggested should be called Woolley Wonkland.

Progress has been slower than we'd hoped for, but then we've got to keep making Yummy Scrummy and sending out all those Christmas gifts, so we're not complaining.

woolley wonkaland taking shape

2013 Last Postal Dates & Winter Shutdown News

The festive season is upon us again which is our busiest time of year. We do our very best to get Christmas gift orders shipped out promptly, but to avoid disappointment please be aware of our last postal dates:

  • Second Class Mail - Wed 18th Dec
  • First Class Mail - Fri 20th Dec
  • Courier (UK & Europe) - Fri 20th Dec

Allow 24 hours (1 working day) for orders to be processed ready for shipping, ie get your orders in the day before the deadlines, though obviously the sooner the better!

Three is the magic number...

Well today is 1st November, which can only mean one thing; its our birthday!

It's now been 3 years since those wacky and wonderful adventure launched into the unknown. And I'll tell you one thing, its still great fun and shows no sign of ending any time soon.

15% off everything during Chocolate Week 2013

So we've reached mid October and that can only mean one thing..... Chocolate Week is here!

Woohoo, yippee, yeehaa, roll out the superlatives it's time for a week of raw chocolate silliness.

Yes, its fair to say that our lives are largely filled with raw cacao goodness and that every day involves lots of smiles and laughter. But if there ever was an excuse for even more cacao induced chuckling and shenanigans, Chocolate Week was it.

chocolate week 2013

We're moving!

the entrance to what will become Woolley Wonkaland

Since we launched almost 3 years ago (yes its been that long!) we've been based from home and lost in our own little raw cacao bubble.

The weeks have turned in to months, months in to years and over that time things have been going really well. We're spreading the Raw Chocolate Lurve further every day. It still brings us both loads of joy to see people's faces and to hear their feedback.

They say there's always two sides to a story and this is no different.

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