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One of our lovely customers and good friends, Bridie Nelson has written a poem just for us, so its only right that we share it with you.


Brown velvety richness
Teases my taste buds
Trickles of delight
Leave me wanting so much more
Oozing with warm wickedness
It’s positively sinful
Just one taste
I’m in pure chocolate heaven
Lusciousness soothing
Mind, body and soul
With each tiny taste
And every little mouthful
I’m wanting
Eagerly waiting
The next moment
My next fix
Of raw chocolate bliss

©Bridie Nelson 2013 All Rights Reserved

Simply Super Summer Sale

Save on Superfoods & Scrummy Raw Chocolate

Save on Superfoods & Scrummy Raw Chocolate!

What better way to celebrate actually having a proper British summer this year, than to hold a Summer Sale?

Its not something we've actually done before, so we figured this was the perfect time to possibly start an Elements for Life tradition. So for the whole of August, we're giving you 15% OFF EVERYTHING on our website.

To qualify, your order simply needs to value £5 or greater and a 15% discount will automatically applied at the checkout. No codes to remember, no fancy requirements, just plain and simple like that.

New products, new prices, new outlets, oh and a discount code too!

Super Savings on Raw Cacao Butter

One of the core aspects to Elements for Life is to bring you the very best products at competitive prices. So seeing as it's a new year, we've done a spot of reviewing n revising. As a result we're able bring you a price drop for our delightful Ecuadorian Arriba Raw Cacao Butter.

Prices are now:

250g - £6.75
500g - 12.75
1kg - £22.75

On our 1kg bags, that's a whopping 12.5% reduction from previous prices & a saving of 15% compared to 4 x 250g bags.

Last Postal Dates & 2012 Winter Shutdown

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away now, time is running short for ordering your healthy raw chocolate Christmas gifts. To avoid disappointment please be aware of our last postal dates:

Big Birthday Bonanza Winners

We had a fab response to our Big Birthday Bonanza comnpetition, with the highest number of entries to date. So a huge thanks to everyone who entered.

The answer to the question, "what was our first event after we launched in November 2012" was of course the Frome Chocolate Festival.

This event will always have a special place in our hearts and be a date to celebrate for Elements for Life, and its so nice that Jo and her team throw us an unofficial birthday party each year ;-)

So without furtjer ado, the winners, picked at ramdon by the raw chocoate oopmpa loompas are:


Chocabloc Christmas Calendar

Tis the season to be silly, tra-la-la-la-laaaa la-la-la-laaaa......

We all know the tunes that get reeled out at this time of year and if you go anywhere near most shops you'll quite possibly soon be sick to death of them.

no slade

But there's no escaping its that time of year again, when many people become more and more focussed on a single day in deepest winter. While the true meaning might have become blurred along the way, there's no denying one thing; we're going to be madly busy from now on.

Christmas Gift Collection

With just 6 weeks to go, Christmas is just round the corner, which means one thing is certain; we'll be rushed off our feet!

So it only seemed right and timely that I wrapped up what a wonderful range of fabulous gifts we have here at Elements for Life. Its also the perfect time to reveal the latest little beauty come out of the raw chocolate lab, but you'll have to keep reading to find out.

raw chocolate making kit

Its our birthday...

... so we're having a competition!

Two whole years since we started in this madcap adventure and we're still none the wiser quite where its gong to take us. But hey, that's part of the fun of it. If there's one thing I know, that to go with the flow and let the universe work its majick. Lifes just a constant uphill stuggle otherwise and I do like an easy life.

What better way to celebrate, but to share some more of that Raw Chocolate Love and have our BIGGEST EVER COMPETITION!

Making raw chocolate is child's play

Its amazing how many people think that making chocolate is difficult, and there's no mistaking it can be, especially if you start tempering and doing fancy things. But in all honesty, there's really no need and that's one of the reasons we came up with our raw chocolate making kit. When it comes down to it, making raw chocolate is easy, dead easy.

But don't just have to take my word for it, we've had some lovely comments and feedback from our customers, including several great blog posts.

Re-launched Raw Hot Choc

Following on from our success in this summers Taste of the West Awards, where both our spiced raw hot chocolate and fiery raw hot chocolate won awards, we're not one's to sit on our laurels. So we decided how can we make them even better.

The first thing that sprang to mind was to improve the look and feel of the packaging, something we'd had on the back burner, so to speak,  for a while. The other thing we wanted to do was to add a simpler variety to the range, as some people just don't want a spicey or fiery hot chocolate.

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