Raw Chocolate Making Kits

The Perfect Gift for the Chocoholic in all of us!

Let's face it we all love chocolate and what could be a better gift than our Healthy Raw Chocolate Making Kits.

They are dairy free, so ideal for vegans and lactose intolerance, gluten free, so ideal for coeliacs and contain no refined sugar, so perfect for diabetics.

We must warn you though, buying one of these kits and making your own healthy raw chocolates could mean you have a fantastic day!

Raw Chocolate Making Starter KitRaw Chocolate Making Starter Kit

Choose the mould design for your kit

Jessica Fenton's Raw Chocolate RecipesJessica Fenton's Raw Chocolate Recipes
Raw Chilli Chocolate Making KitRaw Chilli Chocolate Making Kit

Choose the mould design for your kit

Sweet FreedomSweet Freedom
10 Chunk Chocolate Bar Mould10 Chunk Chocolate Bar Mould
2 Bar Chocolate Mould2 Bar Chocolate Mould
3 Bar Chocolate Mould3 Bar Chocolate Mould
3 Bar Wood Grain Chocolate Mould3 Bar Wood Grain Chocolate Mould
4 Bar Chocolate Mould4 Bar Chocolate Mould
5 Chunk Chocolate Bar Mould5 Chunk Chocolate Bar Mould
7 Easter Bunnies Chocolate Mould7 Easter Bunnies Chocolate Mould
Animal Print 4 Bar Chocolate MouldAnimal Print 4 Bar Chocolate Mould
Caramel Cups Chocolate MouldCaramel Cups Chocolate Mould
Cheeky Monkey Chocolate MouldCheeky Monkey Chocolate Mould
Chocolate Button MouldChocolate Button Mould
Chocolate Mice MouldChocolate Mice Mould
Chocolate Spoons MouldChocolate Spoons Mould
Christmas Pudding Chocolate MouldChristmas Pudding Chocolate Mould
Contemporary Shapes Chocolate MouldContemporary Shapes Chocolate Mould
Dinosaur Chocolate MouldDinosaur Chocolate Mould
Dragon Chocolate MouldDragon Chocolate Mould