Organic food grade essential oils arriving soon!

After years of searching, Paula has found quite possibly the highest quality essential oils available today. Now we're delighted to be bringing them to you, our lovely readers, customers and friends.

Organic food grade essential oils

Produced by NHR Organic Oils, they are all certified food grade organic, carefully selected, lovingly prepared and delightfully packaged. We've been using these oils ourselves for a few months now and can safely say they are amazing!

The aromas are strong and clear, the colours intense and the flavours they bring to your raw chocolate creations sublime.

But don't just take my word for it, pre-order your organic esssnetial oils and be among the first to experience just how amazing they are.

As a thank you for your early support, get your order in before 8am Mon 12th March and save 5% from each bottle you buy.

Our range of organic essential oils will be on general sale from Wed 14th March, so get in quick and save on the finest oils around.


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It is a great news for the

It is a great news for the organic food lovers a new organic food grade essential oils. The result came after so many years of research. And these foods would be certified by the help of organic food association. The association would allow different types of products and different oils only which are beneficial for us.