Raw Chocolate Corporate Business Gifts

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“I have already had a number of clients asking me if
they are getting chocolate kits again this year.”

raw hot chocolate gift box

The ever-popular Raw Chocolate Making Kits, still priced at just £14.99
Our newly launched Raw Hot Chocolate Gift Set. Choose from 3 pure flavours of hand-blended raw hot chocolate (original, spiced or fiery hot) with a specially commissioned mug bearing the motto: ‘While there is chocolate there is hope!’ (£12.75)
Our totally unique Honey and Pollen Gift Crate. Produced in conjunction with Beelicious Bees, this pack contains finest quality Wiltshire honey with a jar of ultra-healthy bee pollen, beautifully packaged in a miniature packing crate hand-crafted from recycled wood. (£10)
Place your order before 19th November and you'll be eligible for a 10% discount off any of these normal advertised prices, subject to a minimum order of 5 units. Order before Halloween on Wednesday 31st October and get 5% off any size order (even a single gift).
PS: You can save still more on these products - order any of these 3 gift packs (Raw Chocolate Making Kit, Raw Hot Chocolate Gift Set, Honey and Pollen Gift Crate) before Wednesday 31st October and receive a full 15% discount! Subject to a minimum order of 5 units.
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