Spirals And Our Triskelion Design

You may have noticed that our triskelion spiral design creeping in more and more to everything we do here at Elements for Life. We've been getting quite a few lovely comments on the new branding that is working its way through all our packaging, this website and market stall. In fact, we've even had people ask if we're selling tops with our design on after seeing Paula and I wearing our hoodies out and about (and between you and me, that's something we're working on).

I thought I'd share with you a bit about why.

What's A Triskelion?

triskelion at newgrange

In a nutshell, a triskelion is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals. As a symbol it has a very loooong history, dating back thousands of years and appears on the megalithic Newgrange temple which dates back over 5000 years! The triskelion is often described as Celtic, but seeing as it took the Celts another 2500 years to reach Ireland, it's safe to say it's not. The triple spiral design can also be found on wide ranging times and places, including Mycenaean vessels of the Bronze Age and coinage of Pisidia, located in modern day Turkey. ( Read more about the triskelion on Wikipedia )

So it seems we're in very old company.

Spirals In Nature

Beyond triffling man-made things like Newgrange, spirals are an intrinsic part of the universe. Being found in the swirls of shells of the smallest of snails, through to the unimaginable size of spiraling galaxies; from the swirling of water down a sink to the twisting or a tornado. They have even been seen in the skies, both in ancient times and more recently there was a spiral over Norway. Spirals are everywhere and without them the universe and everything in it would not exist!

So it seems we're in very potent company too.

Why Did We Choose It?

triskelion pendant filled with imploded water

Quite simply, both Paula and I are drawn to spirals and love the beauty and energy they exhibit. They hold an sense of magic, a sense of potency, a sense of aliveness. Paula even makes sure she stirs lots and lots of spirals when making our raw chocolate goodies for you.

We are also finding spirals cropping up more in our lives as time progresses. The latest being some amazing new pendants that a good friend Tony told us about ( Find out more about Tony and his adventures ). Not just any pendants, but then you'd expect nothing less from us by now.

Personal Harmonisers

Coming from the Centre for Implosion Research in Devon, the pendants are handmade from copper and filled with imploded water and shaped in spirals. They act as personal harmonisers, boosting the immune system and also providing personal protection from electromagnetic radiation.

phi personal harmoniser

The theory behind imploded water is that water naturally travels by meandering and winding it's way through the world, forming spirals and vortices along it's path. This movement energises the water and essentially makes it living water. Our modern methods of forcing water at high pressure down striaght pipes and through right angle bends, along with chemical treatments and pollutants, destroys the living essence of water. The process of implosion reverses this damage and re-energises the water.

We now wear them ourselves, our doggie Luna has one on her collar and we also place others in our fridges to energise our food as well as all your Yummy Scrummy.

Coming Soon Too

Yep I know what I've just typed may well have lost some of you, but hey that's the way of the world. It works for us and we love that they come in a triskelion design, or in the Phi golden section design to the right. Time will tell the effect they have on us but we're happy and that's what counts. Watch this space as they may well be available to buy through our website before too long.