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Raw Honey

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Pure n Raw from the West Country

We're delighted to be stocking West Country Raw Honey, courtesy of  Colham Organic Farm. This really is amazing honey from beekeepers that care for their bees and the environment. We even had to go on a waiting list!

Located at Castle Combe in North Wiltshire, Colham Farm is a 1000 acre organic farm, accreditated by the Soil Association since 1989. They have around 80 active hives, with an aim to increase to 100 over the coming years. The neighbouring farm is also organic.

You can find out more about the farm and their activities on the Bybrook Trust website.

The bees have miles upon miles of lush Wiltshire countryside to forage, including 3 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's), with a rich array of wildflowers. You can read more about Colham Organic Farm in this blog post.

Honey how it should be, completely raw and minimally filtered from bees kept with care and love. No sugar water added in the winter as the bees have their own honey to feed on, no nasty chemicals used.

This really is close to Nectar from the Gods!

Available in 340g / 8oz jars for £5.25

Most honey will at some point turn to sugar crystals, also known as, granulation, solidifying and crystallising. This is a natural process and generally crystallisation is a sign of good quality honey that has been minimally processed.

This means that the honey you receive might be runny, fully crystallised, or somewhere in between.

The crystals may be large or small, a grainy, sandy type or smooth and creamy type. What makes it crystallise is due to the type of flower the honey bee visited when she gathered the blossom's nectar. The floral source determines whether the honey will turn into a solid form more quickly or not. Some honey while raw will stay in a liquid form for quite a while. Other honey will turn to a solid form within a few weeks. In general, honey will crystallise quicker in cooler environments, and resist crystallisation in warmer surroundings.

How to liquefy crystallised Raw Honey

By gently warming the honey, the warming temperature will loosen the crystalline lattice structure of the honey, without destroying any of the nutrients and enzymes present in the raw honey.

Warm a small saucepan partially filled with water.  Remove from stove and carefully place your jar of raw honey without its lid on, in the warm water. Let it sit and warm gently for 10-15 minutes stirring every few minutes. DO NOT USE A MICROWAVE!