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Natural Linen Nut Milk Bag

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Handmade in Wales using natural linen & cotton

Unlike most nut milk bags available, which are made from polyester or nylon (ie plastic), our nut milk bags are made entirely from natural fibres grown without pesticides. The main material is natural linen, which is made from flax (linseed) and grown in India and the thread is organic cotton. These bags are hand made in Pembrokeshire, exclusively for Elements for Life.

Each bag is 24 x 35.5cm (9.5" x 14") with a round bottom, with a double drawstring for easy closing and opening. 


    100% Natural Linen fabric and drawstring, grown and woven in India.

    100% Organic cotton sewing threads.

    Dye-free, Chlorine-free, Chemical-free, Synthetic/Plastic-free, GMO-free

    1. Before first use - Hand wash the nut milk bag in warm/hot water with organic unscented soap or baking soda

    2. Rinse well

    3. Dry in well-ventilated area

    4. Keep seams outside for easier straining, cleaning and faster drying

    Uses of the Nut Milk Bag

    • Nut milk - read our cashew nut milk recipe
    • Hemp milk
    • Juicing