Cashew Nuts


A great source of trace minerals

The cashew tree, Anacardium occidentale was originally from northeastern Brazil, but is now grown widely in tropical climates after being distributed by the Portugeuse. Cashew nuts are the single seed from each fruit and are always sold shelled as the shell is toxic.

Like other tree nuts, cashew nuts are abundant in antioxidants, particularly alkyl phenols, as well as being a good source of trace minerals zinc, copper and iron. The fats in cashew nuts are 54% monounsaturated fats

Our cashew nuts are raw and unroasted, with a lovely creamy taste. Perfect for enjoying with salads, they can be processed into a delicous cream for raw cakes, and also make a divine creamy nut milk.

Available in 500g bags

Our bags are lined with cornstarch rather than plastic and fully compostable.