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Easter Eggs Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould


Makes medium sized Easter eggs that you can fill. Twelve cells, so you can make 6 whole eggs if you join the halves together, or make 12 half eggs. This polycarbonate chocolate mould is tough and strong. Make great gifts wrapped in foil or in bags.

Overall size: 275mm x 135mm x 25mm

Egg size: 57mm x 36mm x 18mm deep

About Our Moulds

Professional quality made from food grade rigid polycarbonate:

  • Easily stackable in the fridge without damaging the layer beow if using several
  • Do not absorb smells or taste
  • Rigid, tough and strong
  • Wash under hot water or wash in dishwasher. Soapy water not necessary. Wash before first use.
  • Take care not to touch the inside of the mould as fingerprints can mark the surface of your chocolate
  • Can be polished clean with cotton wool
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