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Going green – constant work in progress

Chocolate is a delight. This sweet, tasty, delicious treat is a beloved addition to any dessert throughout the entire world. Our heirloom Peruvian criollo raw cacao is perfect ingredient for any guilt-free recipe. Dark chocolate is even widely regarded as beneficial to one’s cardiovascular system, lowering risk of stroke and cardiac arrest.

And yet many people feel guilt about eating chocolate, as if it is some kind of a forbidden treat. You probably already know about all the positives of our products, but what about this… other type of guilt?

raw chocolate explorer hamper

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As long term fans will know, we are obsessed with our impact on our beautiful planet. From the day we started, we've done what we can to minimise our environmental impact.

Knowing there's always more we can do, we are constantly thinking about new ways that we may lessen the strain on the environment, without compromising the amazing quality of our raw chocolate products.

At the start of 2019 we partnered with TreeSisters in their powerful mission of reforestation in tropical regions, as well as empowering and supporting feminine efforts to lead this growing, ecological revolution.

And we didn't want to stop just there!

We push the limits of creativity in order to make the entire process of manufacturing, preparation and shipment as green as it is possible. We make sure that all of the resources used in our chocolates are organic and grown to ecological standards from sustainable sources. But it still leaves us with a burning question: what more can we do to ensure an even better, greener future?

Compostable Plastic Free Packaging

Having always focused on a seemingly everyday but often overlooked part of our products – the packaging. Over the years, as our resources have allowed combined  with affordable and high performance solutions becoming available, we've adopted them.

We've been working towards being a plastic free business from the start.

And now it seems many others are doing the same. Although it should be noted that most large businesses are slower to make any meaningful changes. Iron, when they are the companies that could transform the situation for everyone most dramatically.

Key factors for our packaging are durability and strength enough to fully protect the contents from any external factors like from smells to humidity. As well as, of course, food safety being a priority. After all, we strive to deliver only the highest quality. We also want to deliver it without the guilt of heaps of garbage left after our treats!

That is why we've switched to fully biodegradable pouches for our super food ingredients and Yummy Scrummy raw brownie. Manufactured from sustainable sources, these tiny bags hide powerful traits;

in as little as 66 days they completely biodegrade, fully breaking down and enrich the soil

Starch film, which is used to strengthen our pouches, is made from corn and potatoes – both from sustainable and ecological sources, making it even easier to recycle and biodegrade. Finally, the bulk of our eco-friendly packaging comes from kraft paper – a high quality, lightweight and durable material. We have chosen them, because by being compostable and reusable it reduces the overall strain on the environment, but also minimises the amount of chemicals and energy used during the manufacturing process.

Complete with zip seals on the top, you're able to easily reseal the pouch, not having to worry about the item inside oxidising from the air or going stale.

yummy scrummy on slate with compostable pouch

Composting – challenging, yet rewarding

While recycling, upcycling and reusing are  frequent and popular ways of giving new life to the used items, there is another way. For a long time it was reserved mostly for countryside, but lately the composting movement made its way into the big cities. After all, is there anything more eco-friendly than breaking down the materials back into nutrients by utilising natural fungi and bacteria? This amazingly simple way helps you to not only dispose of your waste in a natural manner, but will also provide you with free way to greatly enrich the soil of your household plants.

After a simple, quick research on how to get started with household composting on the internet, you will quickly find multiple online resources. They will point you how to create a home composting bin, fitting both in the countryside garden and an indoor apartment. The premise behind it is the fact that multiple types of leftovers and waste – including coffee grounds, vegetable peels or packaging such as ours – can be fully biodegraded in composting conditions. Mix them in proper proportions, cover in soil and let nature do its magic, creating free, healthy and fantastic fertiliser for your own use!

Journey of thousand steps starts with the first one

We hope that above tips and ideas will motivate you to think and act more. We want to participate, as much as we can, in helping to not only heal and care for our planet, but also to change the mindset of our dear customers. Remember that products coming from sustainable sources and organic farms are only half of the way – the packaging, transport and disposing of the waste is as important, as the food itself. Let’s work together for the green future!

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