Don't go naked, go raw


Another guest post for you today folks, this time by one of our lovely customers, Jacqui Malpass.

When we decide to change our diets often our favourite food is the first thing on our minds and the hardest to give up.

I was a dedicated dark chocolate scoffer and even convinced myself that a bar of Green and Blacks or Lindt a day with a healthy top up of dark chocolate digestives was good for me.

Coming off processed sugar and not eating dark chocolate was a mare, until I was introduced to raw chocolates.  A friend suggested that I try some of hers, they were ok but not really what I was looking for.

However, intrigued I went off in my usual style and bought some random ingredients and attempted to make chocolates.

My first error was buying cacao nibs, they are hard and do not melt, so the first batch of chocolates I made were a bit gritty and looked quite horrible.  Determined I ate them all.

jacqui malpass and ferdy dogIt then struck me that a sensible approach would be to find a good outlet and buy a raw chocolate making kit and go from there.

My Elements for Life kit turned up a few days later beautifully package with a treat, a yummy scrummy brownie.  With the inspiration of yummy scrummy in my tummy (yes I know its silly), I set about following the instructions very carefully.  My chocolates were delicious.

From that point on I have experimented, for example using coconut oil, instead of cacao, nice for a change but nothing quite tops cacao butter.

In addition, I have put all kinds of other ingredients in for example:

  • Neroli oil
  • Vanilla
  • Hemp
  • Apricots, dates, prunes, nuts
  • Goji berries
  • Mulberries
  • Lacuma
  • Maca root
  • Almond butter

In fact you can try just about anything edible, that tickles your fancy.  I also play with different amounts of chocolate, mind you that’s more often than not me slipping with the spoon.

And the really great thing is, chocolates are really quick to make.  Once in the moulds, I pop them in the freezer and 20 minutes later, cold chocolate and tea.

My chocolate adventure hasn’t stopped there, I now have a favourite chocolate, mango and chia dessert, which is like a thick mousse, I put chocolate in my porridge, have it with rice milk for a great hot and stimulating drink and made a gluten free, dairy free banana, date, nut and chocolate cake adapted from a recipe given to me by my mum.

Chocolate from the shops now seems like a hideous poison, I would no sooner eat a Twix than dance naked in parliament.

Jacqui works as a coach & writer, helping others to write business/non fiction books, find direction in their business and life through writing. She offers 1-2-1 coaching, workshops, book club mastermind groups, and writing coaching holidays in Spain. and

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