Customer Reviews

We're proud of our raw chocolate products and are always delighted to get customer feedback. Here's our ever-growing collection of fabulous customer reviews

The best brownie ever!
"This is an amazing brownie. The balance of raw cacao and goji berries etc is just perfect. It has such a rich taste, yet not heavy. And being that raw cacao is a superfood, you know that you're getting a lot of goodness when eating this brownie, unlike other brownies that you may buy in a supermarket which have high amounts of refined sugar and are nowhere near as good as this one. I highly recommend it, you won't regret it! The only problem will want more than one ;)"
rebecca leech
Great value - great product
"Very, very good value for money - the more you buy, the better the value. The Raw Cacao Butter is so fresh, you can smell it even with the bag closed! I love it. Won’t buy anywhere else in future."
Ms P Howard
They didn’t believe me!
"When I showed my family my chocolate bar using your mould, they just didn’t believe I’d made it. It looks so real they said. And it does! I’ve struggled with moulds in the past, but this was so easy to release. Excellent product."
Ms P Howard
A great idea offering refills - saves on weight and packaging.
"I was very happy to see that it was possible to buy refills - as I live in Germany this helps keep not only the weight (and cost) of postage down, but also reduces packaging waste. A great idea."
Flora Mackie
A great idea offering refills - saves on weight and packaging.
"I was very happy to see that it was possible to buy refills - as I live in Germany this helps keep not only the weight (and cost) of postage down, but also reduces packaging waste. A great idea. "
Flora Mackie
Extremely yummy!
"Having already tried, and loved, some other products from Elements for Life, I decided to also try the ChocOmega. It was soooo tasty, really good. Very rich, but not too sweet, it was the perfect indulgence! I will definitely be buying the ChocOmega again."
Gisela Leat
Can't believe it was so easy to make chocolate!
"I have always avoided making my own chocolates as I assumed it was really tricky. I have also been recently diagnosed as sugar & dairy intolerant, so I assumed that I wouldn't be able to eat chocolates any more. How wrong I was! I spotted the kit at my local independent health food shop and once I realised it only had 3 ingredients, all of which I could eat, I grabbed it immediately. A couple of hours later and we were eating scrummy home made chocolates. I've since made a peppermint batch and they were stunning too. I can't wait to have a go at some other flavours. If you've never made chocolates, this is the kit for you!"
Corinna Mazzotta
"Really delicious raw chocolate brownie ....delicious and good for you, what's not to like. "
Leah Athol-Murray
"Buy these you won't regret it. So decadent and tasty. Soooo good for you too! I love supporting companies like this."
Eleanor Leech
lives up to it's name
"Great. Lives up to it's name. "
Keith Willmott
I can't stop re-ordering!
"I love Yummy Scrummy and have re-ordered more often than I can recall. I only have good things to say about it! I try to eat less of it by buying it in bulk and freezing small squares of it but just end up eating 2 or 3 a day. Oh well..there are far worse things to be addicted to! "
Joanna Sims
Incredibly tasty, yet virtuous, hot chocolate
"My sister came to stay, bringing a tin of spiced raw hot chocolate powder with her - after 1 mug of hot choc made using it I am hooked. All of the flavour (and more), with none of the sugar high or sickly sweetness that you get from regular hot chocolate. Although it is called spiced, the flavour is not overly spicy - more just chocolatey, with a bit of a twist. It is not hot spicy at all, just super tasty! I am now here ordering my own supply :)"
Mrs Mac
Sweet Freedom
"Sweet Freedom was everything it said on the bottle. Have mostly been using it for baking for diabetics, but have also used for sweetening homemade chocolate."
Anne Reeves
Why wouldn't you?!
"I actually bought this product along with a raw choc making kit as a gift so I haven't actually tried it myself. However, I love love love raw chocolate and have bought the kits, as gifts, 5 times now over the last year. Service is always brilliant and my friends have just loved receiving and making their raw chocolates :-)"
Suzanne Gattrell Hodshon
Excellent, orange chocolates with Brazil
"Excellent, orange chocolates with Brazil nut yummy"
michael barnes
Love the paw print!
"fabulous and my clients love it too!!"
Daniella Warner
Simple, fun and delicious!
"Fantastic fun for the whole family... everyone made their own version with different flavours and combinations of ingredients. Wonderful and healthy too! Thank you. "
Roy Vella
Makes cute buttons
"The mould is just right for making chocolate buttons,large or small."
Leela Turner
"Bought the fiery one wow it's amazing the chilli is just the perfect amount that kicks in after the lush taste of the hot chocolate. The nibs well what can I say other than lush also like the fact you can do fine or my favourite gert big chunky bits and the yummy scummy just described itself would definitely recommend this lovely gift bag"
Beautifully delectable!
"I cannot recommend this product enough. As someone who has given up eating refined sugar and chocolate I've found it hard to find a decent tasting alternative. I'm so pleased I came across Elements for Life and their brownies as you can tell so much care and thought has gone into the whole process of making them. The omega bar is my absolute fave, the flavour and textures are just so gorgeous that I find it so tough to eat just one! I can console myself however with the knowledge that all the ingredients are top quality and so good for you. Just gorgeous, well done guys!"
Nothing Better
"We absolutely love this Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate, tis the best guilt (fairly ;) free treat or pick me up, just a shame they don't do 1 kg refills, we've run out of projects for the great re usable tins now :0) Give it a go!"
J Munro-Naan
Simply Delicious!
"Oh my goodness - these are the best I have ever tasted - or made. I bought two bags of the offcuts. Will buy again."
precious pollen!
"Bee pollen is exquisite, reminding us of the intricate powers of nature. Bursting with proteins, amino acids and vitamins, bee pollen quickly becomes more than just a topping to our cereal and chocolates, it is giant of nutrition in tiny colourful pearls of delight. And in eating it we must always say thank you to the bees, for they have given us so very much. I love this bee pollen supplied by elements for life and I could eat it with everything. Knowing it is keeping me healthy and helping my immune system function better too makes it all the more special."