Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie

Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie
Taste of the West Gold Award WinnerSuper scrummy dark cacaoSuitable for Vegans and VegetariansTaste of the West Gold 2015

Award winning RAW treat packed full of tasty wholesome goodness

Free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat and anything artificial, so just right for vegans, lactose intolerance and coeliacs.

Our Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie is just awesome and twice won a Gold in the Taste of the West Awards - give it a try, we're sure you won't be disappointed!


Ecuadorian Arriba Raw Cacao Butter & Powder & Nibs*, Dates*, Walnuts*, Natural Fruit Extracts (apples, grapes & carob), Raisins*, Brazil Nuts*, Goji Berries, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, Himalayan Salt

* Grown to ecological standards & agro chemical free or certified organic

Available as individually wrapped 60g bars at £2.50 and up to cases of 18 bars for £39.50 (that's just £2.19 per bar)

Buy a whole uncut tray (16 bars @ £2 ea) for £32 weighing over 1.2kg!


Rebecca's picture

Child Aged 6?

hi ya,

I have just stumbled across your site, your chocolate looks fantastic. I don't really understand raw chocolate- obviously uncooked is that very different to 'ordinary' methods? Okay, also my son allergic to dairy and egg and I wonder is this product or all or any suitable for a child? Are they organic and are they high in anything like caffeine or anything different to an 'ordinary' bar of chocolate please?

Many Thanks

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Try these links for more info

Hi Rebecca, here's a few links to blog posts we've done that should answer some of your questions:

What is raw chocolate?
5 reasons why raw chocolate is healthy

Everything we produce is dairy and egg free, so ticks the boxes there for you. We know lots of families that all enjoy our raw chocolate goodies, from the wee nippers up to the old folks. The only deciding thing will be whether your son likes it, which you can only test by trying it.

The majority of our ingredients are bought as certified organic, but as we've not yet gone through the certification process ourselves, we're not able to call things organic. We will be going for certification during 2014.

Hope that helps

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These are now my favourite treat.....

I bought a box on referral from my friend who raves about them. After three days there are two left. My two sons (18 and 26) adore them, and they are now my personal favourite treat too. Do you offer a discount for a regular order of a box? These are seriously good chocolate bars!!!

dan knowlson's picture

Not currently....

We're thrilled to hear you love Yummy Scrummy just as much as we do.

We don't currently offer a discount for regular orders as such, but we do often have discounts via our newsletter. So if you haven't already, make sure you sign up

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Yummy Scrummy

Amazing product, very tasty, very filling. Best food ever in my raw food diet programme. It also acts as my brain food. When working and nibbling bits at a time my brain comes alive, I am fully inspired and get fresh inspiration lasting for at least at 6 hours. I will keep buying it as it fuels my needs. Twitting about it @backtoglory1.

maximus chemtralius's picture

Yummy Scrummy.

Although it would be quite easy to overlook the positive effect that the owners of this company have had on my life, I must confess that to be honest, and to put it into the simplest of terms. They make me want to be a better person.

Nadia Ansari's picture

Lives up to it's name!

These are very close to the best raw chocolate yummies I've tried - and I'm very licky to have friends that can make amazing raw choc yummies!! I'm soooo happy you've started stocking them at Wild Oats in Bristol - yay!! :)

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dan knowlson's picture

They are now available in

They are now available in cases of 18 Frank

dan knowlson's picture

Boxes might be a possibility,

Boxes might be a possibility, what sort of size would you be thinking and would this be as a gift box type item?

Anonymous's picture

I second the idea. Perhaps a

I second the idea. Perhaps a box of a dozen or more qould be fantastic!

teresa j's picture

Have eaten your products

Have eaten your products recently in Portugal -- what a revelation! The taste was exquisite. As I am diabetic imagine the thrill of eating something so delicious and not having a guilt trip. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous's picture

how many calories

How many calories in one brownie please.

dan knowlson's picture

We don't count calories

To be honest we don't know and are not that worried about them. The way we look at things is by looking at the ingredients and the nutritional value of food.

The ingredients of Yummy Scrummy are some of the best you can get and packed full of a wide range of nutrients. What calories there are are good for you and shouldn't be avoided.

There's no refined sugars, no added fats, no dairy products and nothing but wholesome natural ingredients. We eats loads of Yummy Scrummy and raw chocolate and it's safe to say we feel great and aren't huge.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Anonymous's picture

Whilst I totally understand

Whilst I totally understand your take on this, there are plenty of us out there who are, for medical reasons, keeping a very close check on calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate. In my case, the information is required by both my doctor and my nutritional therapist in order to manage two medical conditions. At the moment, I'm having to hazard a guess on the information because I really don't want to stop eating these chunks of deliciousness but I'm very aware that I could be giving my health professionals completely incorrect information. If you do consider working out and adding the information to the label, I for one would be eternally grateful!

Anonymous's picture

yummy scrummy in my tummy!

i crave this!! tis the very best :)

gareth5's picture

Yum and good for me too!

Awesome indeed! 5 out of 5, tastes great and is good for me and fast deliver. Many thanks!

Sarah  Hogg's picture


Thankyou these are amazing

Jammo's picture

yummy scrummy

One of our favourites in the house, yummy and healthy

theskydancer's picture


The BEST CHOCOLATE BROWNIE in the world & EXCELLENT service = Bliss! Thank you:)

Jewels's picture


I will be back for more. That's for sure

Lee's picture

super yum

Yummy :o) Very quick delivery much appreciated

Mich's picture

yummy scrummy

The best raw chocolate creation I have ever tasted. what else could you call it other than Yummy scrummy.

SO lush's picture

yummy srummy

yummy yummy scrummy, got love in my tummy

sue's picture

yummy srummy

The brownies really are yummy scrummy. Delicious. Great service too xx

chez's picture

Yummy scrummy in my tummy!!! nom, nom, nom!!

What can i say but being a big choccy fan, i have often been disappointed when trying some of the raw options but no such disappointment from Paula and Dan! There yummy scrummies rock ... and so do they! thanks guys for spreading the deliciousness! xx

Sam Blake's picture

Seriously lush - actually the

Seriously lush - actually the best chocolate I've ever tasted! (and I've tasted a lot)

karen's picture


MMMM amazing product, 110% recommended, better than other chocolate :) thanks!!!

Andy Jackson's picture

WARNING: This stuff is too delicious

It's so good it should come with a notice along the lines of:
Beware! Yummy Scrummy has been known to send people into a frenzy of chocolate bliss.
I know tastes vary enormously but the number of people I've offered Yummy Scrummy to - who have said they don't eat or like chocolate, but LOVE Yummy Scrummy - is amazing. AND it's really, really good for you.
As you might have gathered, I'm a raving fan. It's wonderful stuff and well worth the experience.
Thanks Dan & Paula for making life that much better.

dan knowlson's picture

Wow, what lovely feedback! So

Wow, what lovely feedback! So glad you love it as much as us Andy

koto's picture

Really fast service, the

Really fast service, the brownies are delicious! :)