Get a Freebie in our Coconut-crazed Giveaway!

As I posted in my last blog all about the health benefits of coconuts, we're nuts about coconuts.

And if you're a subscriber to our Raw Chocolate News (and why wouldn't you be?) you have picked up that idea a bit more with of coconut-fuelled fiesta in our August issue.

So it only makes sense that we having a Coconut-Crazed Giveaway too!


No, I'm not talking about those krazy glam rockers from State-side, but rather in keeping with the KISS Principle we'll make this easy on you.

You buy some coconut palm sugar and some virgin coconut oil in one order.

We stick a surprise freebie in with your order.

See, I told ya it was going to be easy on you.

This offer is open for any orders placed between now and the end of Sept 2012, so plenty of time, providing you don't forget!