Why we use Sweet Freedom

In a nutshell, Sweet Freedom makes great raw chocolates!

As we started our raw cacao journey, we tried a few different alternatives as the sweetener for our creations. The most common is agave nectar/syrup and for a while we used that too. It made tasty raw chocolates there's no doubt about it, but Paula noticed that after having agave, she would usually become ravenously hungry; and that's not good.

So when we began looking into creating our very own raw chocolate making kit back in October, we wanted to really look into the options available. It was at this time that we discovered Sweet Freedom and decided to give it a go.

sweet freedom

When it comes to actually making chocolates Sweet Freedom and agave are very similar; both are easy to use and both produce raw chocolates that taste great.

Looking at the health / nutritional side of things, then Sweet Freedom get's the win, as it's lower GI than agave, honey and sugar, plus lower fructose levels than agave and honey.

There's also some controversy over the production of agave syrup, which suggest the provenance, quality and raw status of much agave syrup produced is difficult to guarantee.

The fact that the producers of Sweet Freedom are a small UK-based company, after all that's like us, was a bonus in their favour.

But it's Not Raw!

Absolutely and this is something we had to consider when making our decision. For a raw food purist, Sweet Freedom isn't the best choice, but neither Paula or myself are totally raw. Plus we recognise that the vast majority of the folks out there aren't totally raw either; most people are far from being raw foodies.

Our belief is that the most important part of our raw cacao journey is just that, the raw cacao. Part of our mission is to turn people on to the wonderful food that is raw organic cacao. Getting people away from all the fats, refined sugar and dairy products you find in most chocolate and helping you to discover the amazing sensation that is proper chocolate.

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