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15% off everything during Chocolate Week 2013

So we've reached mid October and that can only mean one thing..... Chocolate Week is here!

Woohoo, yippee, yeehaa, roll out the superlatives it's time for a week of raw chocolate silliness.

Yes, its fair to say that our lives are largely filled with raw cacao goodness and that every day involves lots of smiles and laughter. But if there ever was an excuse for even more cacao induced chuckling and shenanigans, Chocolate Week was it.

chocolate week 2013

Nothing wrong with a little bump n grind

Its been a busy few months here at Elements for Life, but then it always seem like it is these days; but that's a good thing and we're still loving what we do.

If you're a regular reader of our Raw Chocolate News newsletter then you'll have read that we've recently launched two new products (amongst the many that have been added over the months).

Simply Super Summer Sale

Save on Superfoods & Scrummy Raw Chocolate

Save on Superfoods & Scrummy Raw Chocolate!

What better way to celebrate actually having a proper British summer this year, than to hold a Summer Sale?

Its not something we've actually done before, so we figured this was the perfect time to possibly start an Elements for Life tradition. So for the whole of August, we're giving you 15% OFF EVERYTHING on our website.

To qualify, your order simply needs to value £5 or greater and a 15% discount will automatically applied at the checkout. No codes to remember, no fancy requirements, just plain and simple like that.

What is Raw Chocolate?

A question that we often get asked is "What is raw chocolate?" It's no wonder really, given that it's relatively new in the Western consciousness. After looking round the website, I realised that it's not actually something I go in to that much detail about. So here's my definitive blog post on the subject.

raw cacao podThe generally held view is that raw chocolate, in the context of what we do round these parts, relates to two key aspects. Both fundamental to raw chocolate and both fundamentally different to your average chocolate product.

To temper or not to temper, that is the question

When making conventional chocolate, it is usual to carry out a process called tempering. This is essentially a process of heating then cooling your liquid chocolate, which changes the structure and properties of the finished product. When making raw chocolate, such as our basic raw chocolate recipe, this tempering stage is usually missed out.

Bristol Festival of Nature for Fathers Day

We've been invited along to the Bristol Festival of Nature and are delighted to be part of the Green Market at this weekends event.

The UK's largest free celebration of the natural world, the Bristol Festival of Nature gives wildlife enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to explore, enjoy and get close to the natural world in the heart of the city!

bristol festival of nature

Amazing new products now available

No one likes to sit on their laurels (sounds painful to me anyway!) and the same can be said for us here at Elements for Life. So we're pleased to announce the launch of a range of new products available now for your delight and delectation.

Raw Chocolate Making Ingredients

raw chocolate making ingredients

Raw chocolate hitting the mainstream

We don't own a telly, in fact we haven't done for about 3 years now, which means that often, the first we hear about something is from folks when we're out doing our events. Such a case happened this weekend, when we had 3 or 4 people asking us specifically for raw cacao powder and mentioned Hugh F-W's River Cottage programme on Channel 4.

Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival video

The silly season that is Christmas is well and truly upon us here at Elements for Life, with lots of events already under our belt and many many more lined up for the next few weeks. You can find out more on our where to buy page or by signing up to our newsletter.

Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival in Frome next weekend

In a little over a week we'll be at the Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival in Frome. Last years event was our very first, only 10 days after we launched, so in many ways it's our anniversary party!

As part of the build up, those lovely folks at Lip Smacking have produced a short video and we're featured in it. You need to watch the whole thing as we're the last exhibitor to be featured and I manage to end proceedings with a timeless quote.

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