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Making raw chocolate is child's play

Its amazing how many people think that making chocolate is difficult, and there's no mistaking it can be, especially if you start tempering and doing fancy things. But in all honesty, there's really no need and that's one of the reasons we came up with our raw chocolate making kit. When it comes down to it, making raw chocolate is easy, dead easy.

But don't just have to take my word for it, we've had some lovely comments and feedback from our customers, including several great blog posts.

To temper or not to temper, that is the question

When making conventional chocolate, it is usual to carry out a process called tempering. This is essentially a process of heating then cooling your liquid chocolate, which changes the structure and properties of the finished product. When making raw chocolate, such as our basic raw chocolate recipe, this tempering stage is usually missed out.

Easter Raw Chocolate Events

It's that time of year again when spring is springing and we certainly seem to be getting some lovely warm weather, plenty of sun and lots of wildlife making itself known. After the long months of winter, it's a time for rebirth and renewal, a time celebrated in one form or another for thousands of years.

The most well known celebration in these parts is of course Easter, which due to the vagaries of the Gregorian calendar moves about each year. It's almost as if those that came up with the Easter celebration we have today wanted to keep us guessing and on our toes, or perhaps just in the dark!

Organic food grade essential oils arriving soon!

After years of searching, Paula has found quite possibly the highest quality essential oils available today. Now we're delighted to be bringing them to you, our lovely readers, customers and friends.

Organic food grade essential oils

Produced by NHR Organic Oils, they are all certified food grade organic, carefully selected, lovingly prepared and delightfully packaged. We've been using these oils ourselves for a few months now and can safely say they are amazing!

Raw chocolate on the road again!

Last year was manic. All of it was pretty manic, but November and December especially so. Something to do with a little thing called Christmas and a LOT of fuss over what is after all just ONE day! But all work and no play makes Dan and Paula, well grumpy. I'll not beat about the bush here, or try to gloss it up as something other than it is. So January and the start of February have been quiet for us on the event front.

But that all changed a couple of weeks ago, when we had our first two events of 2012. And us being us, we did them both on the same weekend, sensible huh?

Amazing new products now available

No one likes to sit on their laurels (sounds painful to me anyway!) and the same can be said for us here at Elements for Life. So we're pleased to announce the launch of a range of new products available now for your delight and delectation.

Raw Chocolate Making Ingredients

raw chocolate making ingredients

Raw chocolate hitting the mainstream

We don't own a telly, in fact we haven't done for about 3 years now, which means that often, the first we hear about something is from folks when we're out doing our events. Such a case happened this weekend, when we had 3 or 4 people asking us specifically for raw cacao powder and mentioned Hugh F-W's River Cottage programme on Channel 4.

Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival video

The silly season that is Christmas is well and truly upon us here at Elements for Life, with lots of events already under our belt and many many more lined up for the next few weeks. You can find out more on our where to buy page or by signing up to our newsletter.

How to Make Raw Chocolate - Live!

Just a quick last minute reminder that we're at the Frome Chocolate Festival today, bing staged by the lovely peeps at Lip Smacking and held in the capacioud Cheese and grain. Not only that, but I'll be doing a demonstration on how to make raw chocolate!

Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival in Frome next weekend

In a little over a week we'll be at the Lip Smacking Chocolate Festival in Frome. Last years event was our very first, only 10 days after we launched, so in many ways it's our anniversary party!

As part of the build up, those lovely folks at Lip Smacking have produced a short video and we're featured in it. You need to watch the whole thing as we're the last exhibitor to be featured and I manage to end proceedings with a timeless quote.

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