Award Winning Raw Chocolate

We love what we do and get such great feedback from our wonderful customers that we know we're doing something right. The cherry on top is when we win awards.

Taste of the West 2015 - Triple Awards

Seeing as it had been 4 years since Yummy Scrummy last won Gold, we figured time had come to re-enter Yummy Scrummy, just to make sure it's still up to scratch. We also entered our range of raw hot chocolate blends to see if we could get a clean sweep. To our delight, we picked up 3 awards this time round, a Gold, Silver and Highly Commended.

totw 2015 awards

Yummy Scrummy - Gold

Raw Hot Chocolate Fiery - Silver

Raw Hot Chocolate Original - Highly Commended

Taste of the West 2012 - Triple Awards

taste of the west awards 2012Its just been announced that we have received 3 awards in the Taste of the West Awards 2012. This time the judges gave a Bronze to our Raw Chocolate Making Kit and to our Spiced Raw Hot Chocolate. They also awarded a Silver for our Fiery Raw Hot Chocolate. That means we got awards for three out of three products that we entered in to the awards for 2012, something we're mighty proud of.

Taste of the West 2011 - Gold

Rather amazingly we've won an award at our very first attempt, with our Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie having been awarded a Gold in the Sweet Bakery class of the Taste of the West Awards 2011.

Taste of the West GoldAs you can imagine, we're a wee bit excited about having received such great acknowledgement of what were doing.

Bath Good Food Awards 2011 - Best Local Producer

Bath Good Food Awards Winner 2011The inaugural year for the Bath Good Food Awards organised by The Pig Guide & Guide2Bath and we've won again, this time for the Best Local Producer category.

The first round of the Bath awards was to gain nominations and we were lucky to have enough of our fabulous family, friends, customers and supporters vote for us. So massive thanks to everyone who nominated us, it really did help. The judging took place on 11th Sept at the Love Food Festival at Dyrham Park, with the awards ceremony on 4th October at the Guidhall in Bath.